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Information & Applications » Military Spouse Application » Military​ ​Spouse​ ​Waiver​ ​Instructions​ ​and​ ​Checklist

Browse Forms is for VIEWING the application questions. Sub-sections of the application can be expanded/viewed by selecting Yes / No answer to questions within the application. You must create a user account and login to your user home page to complete an application form.

Military​ ​Spouse​ ​Waiver​ ​Instructions​ ​and​ ​Checklist

It is your responsibility to read and understand Alaska Bar Rule 43.4.

Electronic Communications

All information and announcements are posted on our website at You are expected to regularly visit the Alaska Bar Association's website to review the announcements and information posted there. The Alaska Bar Association corresponds with applicants primarily via the online system. You are required to maintain a current e-mail address and mailing address on your personal Alaska Bar Association Registration Account, and it is imperative that you regularly read all correspondence from this office, whether sent electronically or by postal service. It is your responsibility to ensure that e-mails from the Alaska Bar Association are not filtered as spam and to add to your e-mail address book.

Application Checklist

This checklist is only a guide to ensure you submit all the required items. Complete information can be found on our website.

  • Application - Complete and submit the electronic portion of your application. Do not submit the electronic application in paper form.
  • Eligibility​ - Submit proof that you are a military spouse and that your spouse is stationed in Alaska.
  • Authorization and Release Form - must be signed, notarized, and may be mailed. Once you have submitted your application electronically, you may also upload the signed and notarized Authorization and Release form by clicking on the "Upload New Document" button located in the bottom right corner of your user home page.
  • Photo Submission Form - must include TWO passport sized (2x2) photos; must be mailed to Bar.
  • Fingerprints - One properly executed Standard Applicant Fingerprint Card; must be mailed to Bar.

Request the following to be sent directly to the Alaska Bar Association.
It is YOUR responsibility to arrange to have the following items mailed directly to the Alaska Bar Association from each respective authority. Our physical and mailing addresses can be found in the Contact Us link on our website.

  • Original certificate of graduation from law school; the certificate must contain:
    • Your name
    • The name of the law school
    • Graduation date
    • Degree received
    • The school's seal
  • Certificate of Good Standing from each state or D.C., to which you have been admitted.
  • Disciplinary history from each State Bar to which you are admitted.
  • MPRE score of 80 or higher from NCBE must be submitted prior to admission.
I have read and understand Alaska Bar Rule 43.4 and Bar Rule 5.
I understand that all applicants must submit fingerprints which will be used to check the criminal history records of the FBI. Applicants may change, correct or update the accuracy of the information contained in the FBI identification record, under 28 CFR 16.34.
I understand that the information contained in my applicant file is privileged and will not be accessible to me or third parties, other than the exceptions provided for under the Board policies.