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Listing Your Employment History on Your Application

Frequently, when listing employers who will be used as character references, one may run across special situations that might prove listing the employer correctly to be challenging. Below are some of the most common situations and the best way to handle them.

  1. One of your previous five employers is a business that has closed down.

    If you run into this situation, and you do not maintain contact with your supervisor from that job, list the employer on the application, but state, “Out of business. List an additional employer or reference where a form can be submitted.

    Alternatively, if you do maintain contact with the supervisor from the closed down business, you may list their name and the name of the business on the application along with their personal mailing address.
  2. You worked for an employer where your previous supervisors and/or coworkers no longer work.

    Fill everything out as though they still worked there. Use the business address on the application, and list that person as your supervisor. Even if they don’t still work there, most businesses will have an HR department that can check your personnel file. If we need any additional information or references from you, we will contact you later in the investigation process.
  3. You worked for a large business or corporation. Should you list the corporate address, or the local address of the building where you physically worked?

    We need the address where you actually worked. The purpose of the employment history is so that we can contact your previous employers to verify employment and for your character and fitness investigation. Therefore, we need to be in contact with those who worked directly with you and knew you.
  4. You worked as an intern. Do internships count?

    Yes. Internships count and should be included in your employment history.

If your question is not addressed here, please contact the Bar Office. You may email your question to with the subject line “Admissions,” or call and ask for the Admissions Manager.