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Non-Standard Testing Application and Policy

It is the policy of the Board of Governors that the bar exam will be administered to all eligible applicants in a manner that does not discriminate against applicants with disabilities. The applicant has the burden of proving the necessity for the non-standard testing accommodations by a preponderance of the evidence.

To apply for non-standard testing accommodations, the four accommodation forms must be submitted. Please note that Form 2 (Medical Declaration Verification Form) must be submitted directly to the Alaska Bar Association by the individual completing the form.

The forms are intended to provide the Board of Governors with information concerning the nature and extent of the disability for which accommodations are requested, the specific accommodations requested for this exam, information concerning past accommodations, and a current opinion from an appropriate specialist regarding the disability and the requested accommodation.

An applicant may be required to submit to independent diagnostic testing at the Bar’s expense, by a physician or specialist selected by the Bar Association. The Bar may also, at its expense, have the information submitted by the applicant evaluated by a physician or specialist selected by the Bar.

Deadlines for Receipt of Requests

  • February Exam: December 1
  • July Exam: May 1

Applicants are encouraged to file the request as early as possible with their bar exam applications, but not later than the deadlines listed above.

An applicant may submit an emergency request for non-standard testing accommodations after the deadlines if the applicant subsequently suffered a disability that would necessitate non-standard testing accommodations.

Decision by Board of Governors

The Board of Governors will review the request as early as practicable prior to the exam, generally in January and June. Each applicant’s request for non-standard testing accommodations is assessed individually. The applicant will be advised if additional information is required and of the Board’s decision.

The Board may deny or defer a request if there is not sufficient time remaining before the exam to make a determination on the merits or to provide appropriate accommodations.

Reapplicant Requests

The Executive Director is authorized to allow a reapplicant similar non-standard testing accommodations which had previously been approved by the Board of Governors, provided the reapplicant has demonstrated that the disability is continuing.

Any reapplicant request for more time than that previously granted by the Board of Governors must be approved by the Board. A request for different accommodations shall be treated as a new request and subject to all the requirements for an original application.

Applicants who are Breastfeeding

The Bar Association recognizes that breastfeeding is not a "disability," but a normal condition that may require some non-standard accommodations if an applicant will need to pump milk or breastfeed during the examination period. An applicant seeking accommodations should contact the Bar Association to discuss the accommodations that may be available and the procedure for requesting such accommodations.