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Pro Hac Vice - Filing in State OR Federal Court



Filing in State Court - Under Civil Rule 81


An attorney filing a motion to participate under Civil Rule 81 must pay an annual administrative fee per attorney, per case, per year.

The following items must be delivered to the Alaska Bar office PRIOR to filing any paperwork with Alaska Court System:

1 - A copy of the motion to participate. View a sample Rule 81 Motion.

2 - A copy of a Certificate of Good Standing for the out of state attorney. The certificate must have been issued within 60 days. A certificate is required from each jurisdiction that the out of state attorney is admitted, unless they are inactive status. 

3 - A check in the amount equal to annual Alaska Bar member dues. Payment may also be paid via credit card by calling (907) 272-7469.

4 - Once items 1-3 are received, a receipt will be issued and the Alaska Bar Association will keep the copies.

5 - Under Civil Rule 81, the Court requires proof of payment to the Alaska Bar Association before the attorney is allowed to participate. Thus, the receipt and the original documents need to be delivered to the Court.

The attorney will be invoiced for the fee annually until the attorney notifies the Alaska Bar Association that the case in which the attorney is participating is closed or the attorney has withdrawn.


Filing in Federal Court - Under Local Rule 83.1


The fee to appear in Federal Court is $250, payable to the U.S. District Court. Under Local Rule 83.1, no documents are required to be filed with the Alaska Bar Association and no fees are required to be paid to the Bar.

For specific details and requirements, please view the U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska’s website