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February 2020 Alaska Bar Exam Results

Total number of applicants: 49
Number passing: 23
Overall pass rate: 47%

Number of 1st time takers: 34
Number of 1st time takers passing: 20
1st time takers pass rate: 59%

Below is the list of passing applicants from the February 2020 Alaska Bar Exam.

Applicant Name:

Banas, Molly

Belliston, Shaun

Bray, Lindsey

Burcell, Christopher

Carnley, Kendal

Clark, Bradley

Daussin, Carolyn

DeGolia, Benjamin

Dooley, Ian

Hartford, Steven

Hemming, Charles

Kazakova, Maria

Perry, Zingre

Roe, Jeffrey

Royer, Michael

Saunders, Katherine

Smith, Grace

Stebbins, Andrew

Trout, Adam

Vera, Danielle

Wells, Olivia

Wilson, Spencer

Withington, Wade