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Additional Admissions Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Practice - Alaska Bar Rule 5(a):

1. Pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) with a scaled score of 80 or higher at an exam taken not more than eight years prior to your application for admission;

2. Attend a course on attorney ethics as prescribed by the Board. Applicants will be notified when group viewings of the mandatory ethics course DVD are scheduled at the Bar office in Anchorage. Contact the Bar office if you cannot attend a group viewing.

Download the Ethics Program Affidavit

Download the Ethics Program Course Materials - Don't Cross that Line!

3. File an affidavit of review with the Alaska Bar Association that he or she has read and is familiar with the Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct (ARPC) in accordance with Alaska Bar Rule 64;

Download the Rule 64 affidavit

4. Be found by the Board of Governors of the Alaska Bar to meet the standard of character and fitness as required by Alaska Bar Rule 2(1)(d);

5. Pay pro-rated active membership fees for that portion of the calendar year remaining at time of admission;

6. Complete the registration paperwork; and

7. Swear to the Oath of Attorney prescribed in Alaska Bar Rule 5, Section 3.

Once eligible for admission, an attorney applicant must be sworn in within sixty (60) days or be deemed to have abandoned his or her application.