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Rule 43.1 Waiver for U.S. Armed Forces Personnel

View the Alaska Bar Rule 43.1 - Waivers to Practice Law Under a United States Armed Forces Expanded Legal Assistance Program.


Applicants must provide the following:

- Application for Staff Judge Advocate Waiver to Practice Law Under Rule 43.1

- Certificate of law school graduation

- Certificate of good standing from applicant’s state bar.

- Proof of active duty status in U.S. Armed Forces (assigned to JAG Corps) or U.S. Coast Guard.


Application will be made by Staff Judge Advocate, on behalf of the applicant to the Board of Governors at a regularly scheduled board meeting.

Applicant may only represent military clients or their dependants or when accepting a case under the auspices of a qualified legal services provider as provided in Bar Rule 43.2(c)(2).

The permission to practice is terminated by any of the following:

- The attorney is no longer in the military;

- The attorney is no longer stationed in Alaska;

- The attorney is admitted to the Alaska Bar under another rule;

- The attorney is suspended or disbarred in another jurisdiction.


The attorney must notify the Bar in writing within 30 days of the limiting event.

The permission to perform services under this rule shall terminate 90 days after the date of the limiting event.