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Rule 43.4 Waiver for Military Spouses

An attorney spouse of an active duty military service member stationed within the state may apply for a waiver to practice law. See Bar Rule 43.4.


The applicant for a military spouse waiver must demonstrate:

- The applicant is the spouse of a member of the military stationed in Alaska;

- The applicant is the graduate of an ABA accredited law school;

- The applicant is not currently subject to discipline in another state;

- The applicant possesses the character and fitness to practice law;

- The applicant has passed the MPRE at any time prior to admission with a scaled score of 80.



- An applicant for a military spouse waiver must register and submit an application

- A background investigation will be conducted. Once admitted, the applicant has the same rights and obligations of active members of the Alaska Bar.

- There is no application fee. Once admitted, the attorney must pay active Bar dues.


The permission to practice is terminated by any of the following:

- The service member is no longer in the military;

- The military spouse is no longer married to the service member;

- The service member is no longer stationed in Alaska, unless the service member is assigned to an unaccompanied or remote assignment with no dependents authorized;

- The military spouse is admitted to the Alaska Bar under another rule;

- The military spouse is suspended or disbarred in another jurisdiction.

- The military spouse must notify the Bar in writing of the termination. The termination takes place 90 days after the limiting event.