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Use of Laptop Computers

Examinees may use their personal laptop computers and ExamSoft Examplify software to type the essay portions of the exam.


To use a laptop for the essay exam:

  1. Review the information on the ExamSoft Support Website, and confirm that your laptop computer meets the minimum specifications and is configured for access to the internet.                    
  2. Answer “Yes” to the question in the bar exam application that asks if you plan to register for the laptop option.
  3. Pay the additional laptop use fee, and submit the laptop registration form to the Alaska Bar Association at the time of your bar exam application.
  4. Assume all risk of using your laptop during the exam. No extra time or other relief will be granted in the event of any hardware or software malfunction or power failure.
  5. Be prepared to handwrite your exam if you cannot use your laptop.
  6. You will receive an e-mail with instructions for registering the laptop and downloading the software.
  7. Download and install Examplify onto the laptop you will use on exam day. You cannot copy the Examplify program from one computer to another.
  8. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with your laptop and with the Examplify software. You may use the practice exam, and take the mock exam. This confirms that your laptop is compatible with Examplify and gives you time to contact if you have technical questions.
  9. Do not make any changes to the configuration of your laptop once you have completed the Examplify download and registration process. This includes any automatic updates of Windows or virus protection software. Turn off any auto updates.



Technical support: If you do not receive a confirming e-mail, or have other technical issues, contact Examplify at or by phone toll-free at 866-429-8889, or you may visit the Bar Applicant help page:


At the exam

♦ The exam site will provide electrical outlets, but be sure to have a fully charged battery in the case of a power outage or other malufnction. If your power cord is less than 6 feet in length, bring a small extension cord.

♦ You may use a wireless mouse or keyboard.

♦ On the first day of the exam, you should have your laptop set up and open the program up to the stop sign. Check-in and instructions will begin at the assigned start times and no extra time will be provided if you are not ready to go at that time.

♦ Examplify automatically backs-up and saves to your hard drive every minute.

♦ Spellcheck will be available during the exam.

♦ A USB flash drive will be provided by the Alaska Bar Association.  You will be required to save a backup copy of your answers on a USB flash drive.  The USB drive will be collected at the end of the exam and kept by the Bar.

♦ Do not uninstall the program until exam results are released in the event that a back-up copy of your answers needs to be accessed.


Uploading your answers

♦ You are required to upload your answers via the internet for printing by Bar staff after the exam.


Upload Deadline:  MIDNIGHT of the last day of the Bar Exam.

♦ To upload your answers:  Turn on your computer and connect to the internet.  Note:  do not launch Examplify until you connect to the internet.  If you do, exit and reopen Examplify after you have connected to the internet.  

♦ Double click the “Examplify – Bar Edition” icon on your Desktop and your answers will automatically upload.


How will I know my answers have been uploaded?  

A visual “progress status” (blue bar) is displayed as the upload takes place.  When the upload is complete, a “success” message is displayed.  An e-mail confirmation is then sent to the e-mail address provided when you registered.


What if I have a problem uploading my answers?

Technical support from Examplify will be available to you until 10 p.m. Eastern Time at or by phone toll-free at 866-429-8889.


Do not uninstall the program until exam results are released in the event that a back-up copy of your answers need to be accessed.