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Admission by UBE Score Transfer

The Alaska Bar Association will accept UBE score transfers. An applicant for admission may transfer a UBE score if the applicant has:

Achieved a scaled score of 280 or above; and
Taken the UBE exam in another jurisdiction within five years prior to the date of application to the Alaska Bar Association;
Met the requirements of Alaska Bar Rule 2, Section 1.

Please contact the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) to request that an official transcript be sent directly to the Alaska Bar Association.

Here is a link to jurisdictions that have adopted the UBE.

If you took the UBE in Alaska and would like to transfer your UBE score to another jurisdiction, contact the NCBE.

Application Checklist

1. Application for Admission by UBE Score Transfer.

3. Authorization & Release form

4. Two 2” by 2” photographs (passport-size photos)

5. Fingerprint card (instructions)

6. Application fee of $800

Request the following to be sent directly to the Alaska Bar Association:

1. UBE Official Score Transcript from NCBE

2. Certificate of graduation from law school: the certificate must contain your name, the name of the law school, graduation date, degree received and the school’s seal.

3. MPRE score

4. Certificate of good standing from each State Bar to which you are admitted; must have been issued within the previous three months.

5. Discipline history from each State Bar to which you are admitted.

Admission FAQs