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Alaska Bar Exam Minimum Passing Score Lowered to 270

The Alaska Supreme Court signed SCO 2002 on Monday, February 27, 2023 which lowered the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) minimum passing score required for admission to practice law in Alaska from 280 to 270. The rule is effective immediately. In order to help answer questions from past, current, and prospective applicants, we have provided an announcement for guidance. The announcement is available here.

The UBE Score Transfer application has been updated on our website to allow applications with scores of 270 or above.

The Alaska Bar Association will accept UBE score transfers. An applicant for admission may transfer a UBE score if the applicant has:

Achieved a scaled score of 270 or above; and
Taken the UBE exam in another jurisdiction within five years prior to the date of application to the Alaska Bar Association;
Met the requirements of Alaska Bar Rule 2, Section 1.

Please contact the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) to request that an official transcript be sent directly to the Alaska Bar Association.

Here is a link to jurisdictions that have adopted the UBE.

If you took the UBE in Alaska and would like to transfer your UBE score to another jurisdiction, contact the NCBE.

All applicants are subject to a determination of character and fitness. This can take at least 3-4 months, depending on each individual application. There is no way for us to expedite this process as we treat all applications with priority. Once the character investigation is complete, your application will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

You must respond completely and provide all relevant details and documents for each and every question on the application. If the question asks you to provide names, dates, numbers, details, or documents, you must provide them. If no response is given or insufficient information is provided in response to any question, your application may be delayed or denied.

You must update your application if anything occurs after submission that would change or alter any of your answers to the questions on the application. Your application must be kept current to the date of admission.

Application Checklist

1. Application for Admission by UBE Score Transfer.

2. Application fee of $1,000

3. Authorization & Release form (must be notarized)

4. Photo Submission Form - must include TWO passport sized (2x2) photos; must be mailed to Bar

5. Fingerprint card (instructions) - One properly executed Standard Applicant Fingerprint Card; must be mailed to Bar

It is YOUR responsibility to arrange to have the following items sent directly to the Alaska Bar Association from each respective authority. You cannot have them sent to you and then submit them to our office.

Request the following to be sent directly to the Alaska Bar Association from the authority:

1. UBE Official Score Transcript from NCBE

2. Certificate of graduation from law school: The Certificate of Graduation is an original letter, on school letterhead, verifying your degree and the date received. If the school uses a seal, it will also include the school seal. Most law schools are familiar with this document, but if they have questions, please have them contact our office and ask for admissions.

3. MPRE score. The score can be submitted any time prior to admission

4. Certificate of good standing from each State Bar to which you are admitted; must have been issued within the previous three months.

5. Discipline history from each State Bar to which you are admitted; must have been issued within the previous three months.

Supplemental Application Materials

1. Applicants with a military history must submit a Standard Form 180.

2. Resident aliens must submit with their application an appropriate affidavit specifying sufficient facts to enable the Alaska Bar to verify his or her status with the Immigration & Naturalization Service.

The affidavit should contain the following:

  • A statement that the individual is swearing under oath to the truthfulness of the information contained in the affidavit and any attachments.
  • The information being sworn to
  • Signature
  • And an attestation of a notary public or other official authorized to administer oaths.

Withdrawals and Refunds:

An administrative fee of $300 will be withheld if the application is denied on the basis of character, or if the applicant withdraws the application after the character investigation is commenced.

An administrative fee of $50 will be withheld if the application is denied because the applicant fails to demonstrate eligibility for admission via UBE score transfer, or if the applicant withdraws the application before the character investigation is commenced.

The Board of Governors voted to increase the fee for withdrawal at their May 2 & 3, 2024 meeting. The fee for withdrawal of an application after the character investigation has commenced, has been raised from $175 to $300. This increase is effective immediately. 


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